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Adventure Hikes


Adventure hikes give your dog time to sniff, run, explore, and swim - satisfying all of their instinctual needs! Hikes are both on and off-leash (depending on location and its popularity), and take place on various mountains - lasting about two to three hours, including transportation time to and from your home. We also include a body and paw wipe down, a nice healthy treat upon prior approval, and tons of love!

We hike in both rain or shine, so depending on the weather your furry friend could come home wet, dirty, or both. Although we will try to keep it to a minimum!

* Please contact us via phone or email for pricing and pet care availability.

Please note - Adventure Hikes are only available for friendly and social dogs, with good recall. To ensure the safety of other dogs, the public, and ourselves, PawsActive Adventures cannot take dogs with aggressive tendencies on our Adventure Hikes.

Overnight Pet Sitting Available! Contact us about rates!

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