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Our Social Adventure Hike is our MOST POPULAR service where we take your dog for a fun-filled hike that gives your best pal freedom time to sniff, run, explore, and swim - satisfying all their instinctual needs in the backwoods of the Cowichan Valley! These hikes are for dogs who have excellent recall and obedience abilities as they are both on and off leash. While these outings are for dogs with a more advanced skill set, new members always remain on our long lines until trust is built, and with pet parent approval. During our hikes we always work recall and basic obedience commands to keep your dog’s abilities sharp.


Social Adventure Hikes include pick up, drop off, a quick body and paw wipe down, high quality single ingredient treats (with Pet Parent approval), and tons of love!


We hike in both rain or shine, so depending on the weather your furry friend could come home wet, dirty, or both. We recommend leaving a towel out for us to give them an additional wipe down before entering your home.


$35-$45 - Rates based on location and quantity. Discount Packages Available!


Minimum 2 to 3+ hours, with roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes of hike time

Once you become a member, you will have access to our Members Portal and Smart Phone App. Here you can create your own profile, along with your pets, as well as view the schedule, complete bookings, communicate with your walker, receive live up-dates, and store any vaccination records!


To receive our FULL Information Kit, along with our Proven and Trusted Intake Process via email - Please click the link below

Please note - Adventure Hikes are only available for friendly and social dogs, with good recall. To ensure the safety of other dogs, the public, and ourselves, PawsActive Adventures cannot take dogs with aggressive tendencies on our Adventure Hikes.

Pet Sitting

For Members Only

Overnight In-Home Pet Sitting 

Our In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting Service is available to provide a comfortable experience for your best pal, allowing for pets to experience less stress and anxiety while their Pet Parents are away for work, or vacation! Feel Comfortable and Relaxed knowing your pet is in great hands with a loving and dedicated, Professional Pet Care Provider who is committed to maintaining your furry, four – legged best friends happiness, health, and well-being! 


During Our Stay we will treat your pet(s) like they are our family. We will routinely walk, play, and train your best four-legged friend so that they are not only receiving love, but also mental and physical stimulation through engagement and activities during our stay! We will have you leave us all necessary, detailed instructions such as feeding, walking, and medication schedules (if required), so that we can keep your pet’s daily life with us, as close to your regular routine as possible. While our service is mainly to be there as a companion for your pets while you are away, our Overnight In-Home Pet Sitting Service also serves as a House-Sitting Service! We will collect and bring in any mail, newspapers, or deliveries you receive during our stay. On top of that, we will water plants, and bring in or take out the garbage. All for no extra charge. With this specialty service, you can feel relaxed knowing not only your pet is cared for, but your home is too!


Member Rates 

$85.00 per night, plus tax, within 20km of the City of Duncan.


Rates are for up to a maximum number of 2 (two) pets. Any additional pets are $5.00 each per night.


Weekday Hours : A minimum of 12 hours overnight, guaranteed hours from 7:00pm to 7:00am, plus 1 additional visit during the day for a bathroom break, feeding, and or walk! Please Note – During our Weekday Pet Sitting Assignments, we also offer daytime services to other clients, attend fitness classes, run errands (business, groceries, etc), and we could be away for a minimum of 4 hours, up to a maximum of 7 hours. 


Weekend Hours : A minimum of 13 hours overnight, guaranteed hours from 7:00pm to 8:00am, plus 1 additional afternoon bathroom break, and exercise time (walkies!). Please Note – During our Weekend Pet Sitting Assignments, we also may be offering daytime services to other clients, attend fitness classes, run errands (business, groceries, etc), and we could be away for a minimum of 2 hours, up to a maximum of 4 hours. 


Customized Hours : In the case you would like to add an earlier, guaranteed arrival time, or add an extra bathroom break and exercise.

Rate : Additional $10.00 per service

In-Home Pet Sitting Service Locations : Duncan, Maple Bay, Crofton, Westholme, Sahtlam, Lake Cowichan, Glenora, Cowichan Bay, Cobble Hill, Shawnigan Lake, and Mill Bay.

  • Walks, playtime, training, brushing 

  •  Fresh food, water, bathroom breaks 

  •  Medications, if required 

  •  Treats, if Pet Parent approved 

  •  Attention and love, as if they were our own!

Pet Sitting - Whats Included?

House Sitting - Whats Included?

  • Bringing in papers, mail, and packages

  •  Plant sitting and watering house plants

  •  Opening/closing blinds 

  •  Alternating lights 

  •  Taking out/bringing in trash and recycling

Please note - In-Home Pet Sitting Services are only available for friendly dogs. To ensure the safety of our sitters,, PawsActive Adventures cannot take bookings for dogs with aggressive tendencies.

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