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Your Most Trusted Pet Care Provider

in the Cowichan Valley!

We are an award winning Pet Care Service that is here to provide compassionate & reliable Pet Care to your furry canine friends!



Here for the love of Dogs and Nature

PawsActive Adventures is locally owned and operated by Rachel, who is a life long Duncan BC resident. PawsActive Adventures was inspired by the love and compassion for our four-legged best friends and a great love for nature and being outdoors. Rachel grew up hiking all over the Cowichan Valley since we was a young child in the early 90's. She sourced her love for nature, dogs, and being in the woods from her grandfather Don who would bring her and her younger brother on hikes when she was a child. Many of these hikes involved some form of bushwhacking and she was always up for the adventure! Some of the trails her grandfather forged himself, where family members' (both human and canine) ashes were lovingly spread, still exist today.


Growing up with a great love for all of the dogs (and cats) in Rachels family, she was always the person friends and family came to for house and pet sitting. Eventually she found herself working in a pet grooming salon in 2012, where she began her professional pet care experience. Learning everything from grooming and nail trims, learning to identify skin issues, and understanding both common and uncommon signs of stress and health issues with pets, Rachel became fascinated with understanding dogs and dove deep into canine language. After a few years she made the decision to start a business and began by walking family and friends dogs, soon leading to her first *stranger* client! It wasn't long after she opened, she decided to put up the tuition for a Fundamentals of Dog Training program based out of California. Tug Dogs provided a wealth of knowledge. Taking each and every module and its curriculum very seriously, while still living at home, Rachel instilled training methods in all of her family and was proud to do so. ​ To this day, Rachel still loves all things dogs. (I mean, how could you not?!) She enjoys reading about dogs, meeting dogs, watching dogs interact with other dogs and their humans, and joyfully continues to educate herself through seminars, research, and online programs.


while you are busy, or away

Say HELLO to


Your Dogs New BFF!

With PawsActive Adventures, we offer several different care options for your canine best friend. We understand that everyone does not always have the time or ability to take their dog out for a walk or hike, and sometimes our best four-legged pals just aren't able to join us when we go away. Participating in any one of our services, your dog will experience fun and safety during every outing, or stay!

We are reliable, trustworthy, and will care for your canine best friend as if they are our own!


Adventure Hike

What is nearly every dogs favourite thing to do on a hike? Perhaps sniff alllll of the smells? Run and explore? Maybe even a swim if they are a water-loving kind of pal? Adventure Hikes give your dog the opportunity to satisfy all of their instinctual needs, while socializing with other friendly dogs.

Are you looking for short term pet sitting? An option for your favourite four-legged friend to get active outside, and socialize with other friendly dogs? Another option other than your normal dog daycare?

Consider an Adventure Hike for your pal!


Are you looking for longterm  pet sitting? An option for your favourite four-legged friend to stay in the comfort of your own home while you are away for work or vacation? Another option other than a boarding kennel?

Consider our in-home pet sitting service to keep your best friend as comfortable as possible while you are away!


Pet & Home Sitting

We provide Overnight Pet Sitting in each clients home, allowing pets to experience less stress and anxiety while their pet parents are away. Feel comfortable and relaxed knowing your home and pet are in the care of a loving, reliable, respectful, and experienced Pet Care Professional.

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to help improve and maintain the happiness and health of our canine best friends by keeping their PawsActive!


Lisenced, Insured & Bonded

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